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Enhancing Customer Experience Through Technology

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Technology The rapid pace of technological innovation has impacted our lives

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Technology

The rapid pace of technological innovation has impacted our lives in countless ways. It should come as no surprise to hear that postal operators are finding ways to enhance their service offerings through technology as well.

What we have learned at Escher is that customer experience plays a large role in the decisions customers make, including where and how they send their parcels. In other words, there is a direct correlation between parcel volumes and customer behavior.

At Escher, we work to help enhance the customer experience by providing solutions that allow clients’ to capture customer sentiment when it matters most: at the point of interaction.


The Point of Interaction

Customer behavior is greatly influenced by the experience they have when shipping their parcels. Whether that’s a long wait time at a post office, confusion about fees or restricted items – the list goes on. Altogether, a customer’s experience is an indication of future buying behavior.

At Escher, we help posts capture data at the point of interaction: i.e. at the retail counter or self-service kiosk for example. This allows posts to gather valuable feedback and insight into the customer’s experience at the time it occurs; rather than at a later date.

Previous methods for capturing customer feedback largely relied on customer feedback surveys. There are many shortcomings to this method:

  1. It requires the customer to take action on their own time in order to share their experience. Often, these surveys direct customers to a website with a list of questions they can fill out later. This is sometimes several hours or even days after their experience.
  2. Surveys are often long and include many questions that the customer must answer entirely in order to submit their feedback.
  3. Due to the above roadblocks, many customers simply refuse to participate. In fact, less than 1% of customers actually wind up participating in surveys. This can skew the sample size as it will only include responses from those customers who have made the elective choice to complete the survey and not the larger customer pool as a whole.

At Escher, we focus on gathering data at the point of interaction when the customer is in the moment and their experience is ongoing. Their recollection and feedback at this stage is fresh and allows for better, more pointed responses.

A Technology-Driven Approach

To achieve these goals, Escher has spent the last twelve months developing apps that sit on top of the Escher customer engagement platform to focus on gauging customer satisfaction levels. But the goal isn’t data for the sake of data. Rather, our focus is to help posts create actionable intelligence from the information they are now able to gather.

Rather than ask each customer to answer a survey of 20 questions, we can incorporate these 20 questions into a rotating carousel presented to each customer at the point of sale (counter or kiosk). Questions can be rotated on a regular schedule to ensure that all pertinent questions are being asked over the course of a time period.

Questions such as “was your clerk friendly?” “Did you have to wait in line for a long time?” or even simply “how was your experience today” are important questions to answer. Rather than relying on a small percentage of customers to answer all questions, we can lower the barrier to completion by asking all customers one question and rotating the question regularly.

In this way, we help posts lower the barrier to completion. A larger number of questions are answered and from a larger sample size. Posts can then run the data through our AI engine solution to better gauge satisfaction.

This is just one of the many ways in which Escher is helping postal operators prioritize their customer’s experience and gain actionable insight through data-driven technology.

To learn more, listen to the Postal Hub Podcast featuring Nick Manolis, CEO of Escher, as he shares his perspectives on data, the posts office, cross-border shipments, customer experience, and more.


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