The South African government to migrate to Digital Terrestrial Television with help of SAPO and Escher

Currently, television broadcasting in South Africa runs on an outdated analogue format. The South African government's vision is to migrate to Digital Terrestrial Television for a more efficient and better quality service. SAPO, the leading provider of postal, logistics and financial services, has been selected to fulfil this goal. They then teamed with Escher Group for software changes.To help with this transition from analogue to digital, SAPO has been tasked with distributing Digital Set Top Boxes (STBs) to qualifying households which will allow customers to switch to digital broadcasting without having to purchase a digital television set. All the logistical elements relating to the registration; qualifying criteria, issuing and eventual installation of the STBs is managed by SAPO, via its Retail Network. Qualifying households will receive these STBs after an application process. 

Escher's role was to develop the front end functionality for this project by updating its existing WebRiposte Counter Automation Software already installed at SAPO locations. Escher has enabled transactions to take place in real-time using different web service calls to the SAPO backend, which contain the rules and definitions to facilitate the transactions at the front end. These transactions include pre-registration for the STBs, issuing STBs, redemption of installation vouchers, exchanging or replacing faulty STBs, and re-issuing installation vouchers.

This project went live on the 1st of October for a three year roll out of these new higher quality, cost effective STBs. This effort will modernize the households of the South African citizens; creating a more digitally engaged environment.

3 November 2015