Escher’s Technology Helps South Africa Post Office go Digital

Escher’s technology helps South Africa Post Office go digital

2 June 2016: Escher Group announces that The South African Post Office Group (“SAPO”), one of its longstanding customers, has officially launched a digital mail system based on Escher’s RiposteTrEx™ communications framework.  A license was previously purchased by SAPO.

SAPO’s Digital Mail means that customers can now use electronic registered mail with the legal validity of traditional physical registered mail. This will be particularly helpful for sensitive documents such as passports, identity documents and government grants.

RiposteTrEx™ will allow SAPO customers including citizens, Government, businesses and SME’s to send eRegistered and confidential mail to secure digital mailboxes, or as registered hybrid letters. All documents will have a secure digital signature. As with paper-based registered mail‚ proof of delivery and a full audit trail is recorded and available to the sender.

Digital Mail provides recipients with a free response service‚ which in itself will enhance recipient response and also offers substantial cost advantages over other alternatives.

Liam Church, CEO Escher Group, said:

“The South Africa Post Office’s implementation of our RiposteTrEx™ platform for eRegistered Mail demonstrates the system’s combination of security and adaptability.”

Mark Barnes, Group Chief Executive Officer, SAPO said:

“Developments like this will turn the Post Office into a space where citizens do life transactions, like applying for passports, identity documents and government grants.


“The Post Office expects this product to be of particular value to various organisations and individuals who work with sensitive and important documents.”