Licenses & Permits

Today, Governments are taking license and permit applications online in order to meet demand from citizens and businesses, making processes simpler, streamlining operations and becoming more cost effective. 


Sometimes knowing what licenses and permits are needed can be a real challenge for individuals and businesses. This is often because the different types are managed by various official bodies. Escher’s solution allows for organizations to work together and offer all licenses and permits required for specific activities to be accessed in a central location. Based on Escher's RiposteTrEx™, the solution offers a secure framework for organizations to securely digitize citizen communications and other time-consuming PDF and paper-based transaction processes. 


Functions can be integrated with payments being taken online. Once processed and approved, licenses can be paid for, published and accessed online. This reduces mail costs and ensures timely and accurate payment processing.


With Escher’s solution, organizations can reduce the time it takes to fill in forms by allowing basic information to be completed once and populated multiple times. This includes evidentiary documents which, once verified and accepted, can be referenced again. This helps our customers get accurate information the first time, eliminating added resources needed for back and forth communication.

License and permits


Application forms often pass through many departments and checks before a license or permit is granted. By going digital, this is easily controlled with a single repository for all information which officials can access and process directly.


Organizations can significantly reduce the cost of creating, updating and processing applications. Digital forms can be adapted from standard templates and modified quickly and easily. Forms can be shared amongst departments and between businesses to minimize duplication. Printing costs are no longer an issue.


Organizations can ensure that all application forms are filled in correctly and that any additional documents required are included before an application form is submitted or passed through any checks.  If anything is missing, the whole application process doesn’t need to start again.  Information can be updated multiple times to get it right so that rejections are minimized.  Digital application processes remove any variations between officials and departments.

Visit our Licensing and Permitting site for details on how Licensing and Permitting is being implemented in a government and citizen engagement context. 

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