Simplify your grant management processes from creation to solicitation, review, and award. Effortlessly assign tasks, manage accounts, and track payments while staying compliant.

Meet the rising demands for better government eServices, by digitizing manual processes, reducing print costs, and avoiding duplication of efforts across different business units. The grant application software helps you create, publish, and assess funding opportunities for students, startups, SMEs, and large companies. Its flexible design helps you monitor tasks, deadlines, and awards, such as, the amount requested, amount awarded, deadlines, decision dates, grant terms, funding category, and award status.


The Grant solution is set of loosely coupled independent sub-systems. It reduces the complexity of grant application processing, using established and proven components to provide scalability and performance, and make the system easily manageable and upgradable. You can add, maintain, version, and control new features without disrupting existing functions.


  • Reduce support costs by enabling applicants to raise requests, submit complaints, and manage their applications online. The system sends email/SMS notifications to applicants highlighting status changes, response requirements, and acknowledgements.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing self-service management options, including self-registration, tracking, order history, notifications, and password resets.
  • Track tasks and deadlines for each application using the dashboard and preconfigured reports.
  • Applicants can start, save, preview and submit grant applicants from any web-enabled device.

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  • Create multi-step grant application forms to improve usability and reduce form abandonment rates. Includes structured data fields, conditional logic, repeating blocks, external data links, workflows, payment schedule definitions, and attachments definitions.
  • Ensure that only relevant data collection fields are displayed on application forms.
  • Form-field validation improves data quality, accelerates the approval process, and reduces Helpdesk queries. For example, enforce that email and phone numbers are entered in valid formats. A progress bar confirms which steps have passed validation and the number of outstanding steps.
  • Integrate with any third-party system. The system supports Web services and industry standards such as XML, ODBC, SQL, WCF, SOAP and WS Star.
  • APIs encourage third parties to programmatically access the system. The API has predictable, resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.


  • Access all grant-related documents, files, attachments, and communications from one central portal.
  • Track grant history, contacts, reviewers, upcoming deadlines, and mandatory requirements.
  • Define application status, such as, In Assessment, Declined, Granted, Information required, and Approved.  
  • Categorize, tag, and file documents, communications, attachments, submitted proposals, and reports.
  • Reduce printing, postage, handling, and storage costs by digitizing paper-based forms.
  • Provide applicants with a Digital Locker — a secure online Inbox — from where they can search, filter, and share grant-related documents. 


  • Run reports to monitor status, applicants, payments. Export reports to Excel, PDF, or print.
  • Filters reports based on date range, amount, fund type, grant owner and more.
  • Define KPIs to track performance, turnaround times, and identify bottlenecks.
  • Applicants can apply, track, renew, and query their grant applications from any Internet-enabled device.

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