New Escher Website

Introducing Escher’s New and Improved Website

Introducing Escher’s New and Improved Website Escher’s postal innovations and improvements to its software products,

Introducing Escher’s New and Improved Website

Escher’s postal innovations and improvements to its software products, push ahead of the industry’s fast-paced needs, and, now, customers and visitors can go to to find these award-winning Escher products more easily, more quickly, and more effectively.

The Escher website is a completely redesigned site that gives customers and visitors the following:

  • Gives an easier, more reliable website experience – for finding up-to-date information and learning about all Escher products and services, including:
    • The newest, award-winning-Riposte Platform, Riposte Customer Satisfaction, and Riposte Taxes, Duties and Compliance.
    • The tried-and-true products that Escher continues-to-enhance with features, such as Riposte PUDO,  and more.
    • Escher Connect – Escher’s customer service portal.

What to expect when visiting Escher’s new website

Modern design, improved navigation, and a reliable user experience

Escher’s redesigned website features a clean, less-cluttered layout, intuitive navigation, and easy-to-find information about the Escher suite of postal software products for any office around the world.

Riposte Platform

Go to Riposte Platform to find the collection of standard and custom built Riposte applications and learn more about them.

Customer Engagement

Find better ways to capture the interest of customers with Customer Engagement, where Posts will discover improved solutions to expand points-of-engagement with Escher software.

Escher Services

Explore Escher Services for ways to ensure postal success, such as

  • Convenient and easy access to Escher Connect – Escher’s customer-support portal.
  • A wide array of Escher offerings: training, consulting, support, and auditing for a Riposte deployment.


Additional features and resources will soon be available with the click or touch of a button. Under Resources, visitors will find postal industry reports, surveys, data studies, eBooks, and whitepapers.  These resources will be available to Escher customers and others, who want to keep on top of innovation, in this fast-paced industry.

What remains our goal

The new website showcases our commitment to providing an abundance of content and resources to keep our customers current on the information that matters most to Posts.



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