Top 7 AI Use Cases for Posts

Posts can use AI to boost productivity, increase sales, and enhance the customer and employee experience.


Top 7 AI Use Cases for Posts

The incredible merits of artificial intelligence (AI) for Posts is a topic Escher has addressed multiple times on this blog. In the past, we’ve often spoken of why AI is such a powerful tool; today, I want to show you how versatile and beneficial it is.

Posts can use AI to boost productivity, increase sales, and enhance both the customer and employee experience by applying it these seven ways:

#1 Augment employee performance

  • Recognize employees
  • By using check averages to identify your highest performers, AI can generate a list of these employees for you to acknowledge and thereby encourage continual productivity levels.
  • Conduct evaluations for weak spots
  • Again, using check averages, you can pinpoint the lowest-performing employees and suggest their removal from certain shifts.
  • Provide coaching opportunities
  • AI determines which employees might benefit from professional coaching to improve their average check performance to median levels.
  • Develop employees
  • By identifying collegial alignments apparent in the data, AI will select employee “teams” suitable for professional development opportunities.
  • Optimize scheduling
  • AI will recommend time slots for employees based upon their performance for shifts with statistically similar characteristics, determine best staffing rotas for dynamically changing workloads in different locations, and reduce OPEX.

#2 Facilitate labor forecasting

The goal of labor forecasting is to project the need of employees in 15-minute increments for a specific duration as desired by the customer.  With AI, a Post can create a rolling employee staffing that considers both predicted customer traffic and the number of customers each employee can serve to optimize staff scheduling.

#3 Provide theft/fraud/stock analysis

AI can continuously and dynamically report on the following metrics to ensure the secure operational efficiency of your Post:

  • A count of voids
  • Cash to transaction percentages
  • A count of POS failures and failed transactions

#4 Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Your Posts’ customer satisfaction data can be overlaid with POS data to determine the influence of customer satisfaction on basket size and overall business revenue.

#5 Improve store health

Using AI, Posts can create a healthy store index by combining near real-time activity metrics, like store transaction volume comparisons, staffing level effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

#6 Establish service for partners

With AI, you can even create a service for your partners (for example, POS partners) who can also receive a copy of audit reports to establish consulting practices, like training sessions or other additional analysis.

#7 Add business value

Many postal operators are hampered by traditional hierarchical systems that stratify and siloes data. AI can cut through these organizational barriers and grant permission as designated. This allows:

  • Employees to see their recommendations or those of teammates. They can also receive read or write access to the tools.
  • A store manager to view and assess the performance for all employees across their store.
  • The regional manager to have an overview of the landscape across multiple stores within their region.
  • The executive to view across numerous regions. For example:
    • Sales metrics for locations grouped by region
    • Employee performance for locations grouped by region

What can Posts do?

AI is the key to future-proofing Posts. The only question left is, what platform are you using to integrate this technology?

If you are unsure of the answer, speak to us today. Designed for the postal industry, our solution, Riposte AI, uses advanced predictive analytics to retrieve POS data from across a Post’s network. This POS data is then transformed into actionable suggestions or recommendations for generating new revenue streams and increasing operational efficiency throughout the postal network.



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