Understanding the STOP act

Navigating The STOP Act Waters

Navigating The STOP Act Waters   By now, most posts and parcel carriers have begun

Navigating The STOP Act Waters


By now, most posts and parcel carriers have begun putting systems into place to manage compliance regarding the USA’s recent legislation. To help curtail the flow of illegal drugs across the United States border via the US Postal Service, the Synthetics Trafficking and Overdose Prevention (STOP) Act holds several provisions that will impact how parcels can enter the United States.

What Does The STOP Act Do?

There are several components of the STOP Act. However, of particular interest to parcel carriers are the provisions which impose new regulations on cross-border shipments. By 2021 the US Postal Service will be required to transmit advanced electronic data (AED) to the US Customs and Border Protection on all international packages.

USPS will face severe penalties if it allows cross border parcels to enter the country without transmitting AED information. For foreign parcels, this will also require a fee to cover the additional processing costs.

Why It Matters

For posts and parcel couriers, complying with these updated regulations is crucial to ensuring timely deliveries and avoiding additional fees, delays, or other penalties. From the perspective of the customer, they’d want to avoid unpleasant delays, hidden fees, or similar disruptions.

How Escher Can Help

To help our clients avoid delays and surprises, Escher has partnered with Hurricane, the world leader in calculating duty, taxes and compliance screening for parcels. Our partnership has resulted in a solution that enables postal operators to correctly calculate duties and tax, check product classification, and screen for restricted products and denied parties at the point of engagement with their customers.

Riposte Taxes, Duties, & Compliance has been specifically designed for the needs of posts and parcel carriers, empowering them with the technological solutions to offer painless cross-border shipments to their customers. The addition of machine learning and multilingual artificial intelligence component means that posts with our solution will be able to simplify the complex inner workings of STOP Act regulations and other compliance requirements across a variety of cross-border scenarios.

Riposte Taxes, Duties and Compliance will help people prevent transport refusals, anticipate additional fees, and screen parcels for restricted items. People can also streamline workflows and help improve the quality and completeness of information linked to a product and included in the electronic data made available for customs, helping prevent packages from being delayed or halted at the border in the United States as well as elsewhere.


Helping Posts Help Customers Better

Consumers are demanding the ability for greater flexibility, ease, and transparency of their cross-border shipments. It’s also no secret that consumers don’t always know all they should know when it comes to the requirements of their international parcels. What’s more, they rely on their postal operator to know this information for them.

The ability to provide this information in a seamless point of sale transaction allows for greater customer satisfaction and enables posts to deliver the best customer experience.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Total cost transparency to avoid landing cost sticker shock
  • Mechanisms for allowing customers to pay taxes in advance
  • Documentation support for customers unfamiliar with customs paperwork
  • Easy identification of restricted parcels to avoid failed deliveries
  • Simple screening of denied parties to avoid fines or legal issues

All told, the overall customer experience is enhanced, making for a pleasant and efficient shipping experience and elevated levels of customer satisfaction. This applies to navigating the STOP Act as well as other international parcel regulations.

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