Improving customer service through technology

Improving Customer Service Through Technology

Improving Customer Service Through Technology The customer is king, queen, or whatever appellation that best

Improving Customer Service Through Technology

The customer is king, queen, or whatever appellation that best works for you. Customers routinely and overwhelmingly choose brands based on customer experience.  Recent research highlights that customers are in the driving seat. As the report notes,

With more choice, more access to information, and less incentive to be loyal, today’s customers are firmly in control of their relationships with companies.

How companies can maintain customer loyalty in today’s market

First, it is about awareness. What are customers looking for? And then how can companies meet these needs? According to a 2020 Customer Service Trends report, here’s what is driving customer loyalty efforts:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Analytics to produce hyper-personalized experiences
  • Greater demand for data transparency and security
  • A sharp increase in the number of virtual contact centers
  • A sharpened focus on brands connecting with customer’s emotions and reactions to a product or service.
  • New technologies that can enhance the self-service experience and empower customers
  • A response to the escalation of voice-based searches 
  • The expansion of measures to reach customers through social media
  • The leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) to improve the experience

Often in the planning and execution of customer service strategies, a critical voice is overlooked – the customer. Perform a quick check now – in your organization, how do you gather and interpret customer feedback? If you hear from many of your customers that the waiting time is too long, or that they don’t have the correct information about paying customs, what actions do you take based on this assessment?

How Escher is enabling customers to provide excellent customer service

At Escher, we are always working hard to improve and optimize the customer experience. We understand the chasm between understanding what makes excellent customer service and having the tools and means to implement and provide this experience. 


Riposte Customer Satisfaction

Our new Riposte Customer Satisfaction is a suite of sophisticated tools designed to help Posts engage with their customers, collect feedback, and generate powerful insights from the information they receive.

Riposte Customer Satisfaction is made up of three applications: Riposte Insight, Riposte AI, and Riposte Digital Onboarding.


Enables you to collect customer feedback and address issues as quickly as possible. 


Thanks to algorithms programmed specifically for Posts, postal business leaders receive impactful suggestions for reducing costs or increasing revenue.


Bridges the gap between digital transformation and employee support. 

What will these do for our customers?  


Thanks to our Riposte Customer Satisfaction, Posts will have

  • Reduced operating costs thanks to greater AI-powered insights about retail branch productivity.
  • Identification of new service offerings and revenue streams thanks to insights from customer feedback surveys.
  • Faster onboarding of new employees in high turnover retail environments thanks to a user-friendly onboarding solution.
  • Greater digital transformation buy-in from existing employees thanks to well-designed onboarding modules.

What value does Riposte Customer Satisfaction deliver to postal customers?

  • Increased opportunities to engage with postal operators and present comments and concerns through omnichannel surveys delivered via social media, mobile devices, and more.
  • Access to a wider range of services such as financial services, government services, and PUDO networks thanks to insights generated by AI-powered analysis.
  • Enhanced service from retail employees who are properly trained and able to help customers access the full range of a Posts’ services.




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