From Cross Border to Local Delivery: Keeping The Customer First At Every Point of Engagement

From Cross Border to Local Delivery: Keeping The Customer First At Every Point of Engagement

From Cross Border to Local Delivery: Keeping The Customer First At Every Point of Engagement  

From Cross Border to Local Delivery: Keeping The Customer First At Every Point of Engagement


By 2020, 22% of e-commerce physical products will be shipped across borders. For Posts coping with the many challenges associated with cross border deliveries, rest assured, there are solutions that can help you achieve the best possible customer service. While there’s more than just cross-border services that are keeping posts up at night, taking a customer-first approach is the first step to addressing any challenge.

Keeping the customer first is about making customer convenience a priority, and that means stepping into the customers’ shoes to ensure that post pickup and returns are made as easy as possible for the customer whether they are domestic or international deliveries. To be successful, services that Posts provide to their customers also need to be personalized, transparent, interactive, and fast. Customers might not care about which vendor is delivering their package, but they do want real-time insights into where their package is at every stage along the way, the ability to redirect their deliveries in real-time, and to respond quickly to customers’ evolving preferences. How is this possible?

We’ve spoken in the past about dynamic processes and how Posts can leverage this type of system to pivot quickly in response to ongoing change.  Federated real-time data which can flow securely throughout all systems is one part of a dynamic system. Streaming analytics is also part of this, which enables the continual analysis on all these moving streams of data. All of this can help posts know and act upon activity and events happening in (and outside of the post) at any given moment. AI tools, machine learning, and automation can help respond and react to changes in rules and regulations (such as when providing cross border services). Incorporating predictive analytics, and route optimization can also help.

For example, if you have real-time data on packages being accepted into your system, or pick up requests, or deliveries combined with real-time data on traffic congestion in the city, further combined with information on your couriers in the city, then decision making can move to real-time as well and posts can determine how best to optimize their routes and receive and deliver packages.

If this sounds complicated, or if you’re expecting it to take a lot of time, rest assured that technology platforms automate these systems so you and your customers can simply enjoy the benefits.

Solutions That Make A Customer-First Approach Possible

24/7 self-service kiosks and PUDO (Pick-Up Drop-Off) locations are an excellent example of customer-first approaches. Offering solutions for customers to return or collect their parcel increases convenience and satisfaction, enabling them to pick-up and drop-off packages without waiting in line.

With regard to expanding cross border services, many Posts face challenges due to constant changes in regulations, compliance rules and denied parties listing. By using Riposte Taxes, Duties and Compliance, Posts can quickly and easily check for restricted products, find product classification, and calculate tax and duties. Denied party screening is crucial for successful cross border delivery. If a transaction appears on a denied party list, consequences can range from fines and penalties to jail time. A true dynamic system automatically screens these lists, ensuring compliancy even as requirements continually change.

International track and trace capabilities are another great way to improve customer convenience. Through the connected ecosystem, Posts, customers, and shippers can all see the current status of every package, and easily reroute packages when necessary.

While it’s certainly true that there are many challenges posts face today, moving to a dynamic system can help posts rapidly adjust and respond to change. Leveraging an advanced customer engagement solution like Escher’s Riposte platform is a great way to lay a solid foundation so that posts can provide excellent service that puts the customer first at every step.



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