Our Industries

Escher Group is the trusted provider of digital point of service solutions across the postal, logistics, financial, government and retail industries.

Each of these industries is experiencing a perfect storm of rapidly changing market dynamics and a need to broaden product and service offerings to remain competitive. These changes are coming about because of demand from consumers to interact with organizations in ways that are the most convenient to them. Central to this is the need for organizations to upgrade their technological capability so that information can be shared and transactions can be processed more efficiently, from any location and at a lower cost.

Escher is at the heart of this transformation enabling enterprises of all sizes to adopt the latest transactional technologies while integrating with existing systems and future-proofing for further developments.


Escher solutions have long supported the provision of retail banking and financial services through third party providers.  Now these solutions are being offered directly to banks, credit unions and financial consolidators. We are offering solutions that improve the way they interact with customers and help them offer a broader range of products and services from the counter, kiosks and floor.


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Central and local governments are turning to citizen-centric service models whereby citizens can access information and conduct transactions in more efficient and accessible ways.  

The key to this is the adoption of technology that makes it possible for governments to offer citizens a broader range of services through a multitude of channels, including over the counter, online and mobile. 

Experienced in delivering front office outlets for government services, as well as digital government and community frameworks, Escher is making it possible for citizens to self-serve and access support when they need it. This in turn is leading to improved financial, digital and social inclusion.


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The growth of online retailing is fast accelerating the eCommerce, courier and logistics industries, increasing the number of parcel and large item deliveries year-on-year. Conversely, the mail and small packets market has seen a continuous decline due to the rise of digital mail and social networks.

Escher is ensuring both aspects of the logistics industry are able to thrive in these fast-changing markets.

Delivering Flexibility and Convenience

Escher is enabling eCommerce and courier companies to manage their logistics and offer competitive services to their customers. Our platform agnostic software is expanding our clients’ ability to turn any mobile device into a point of service platform. This is making it easier for clients to expand their courier networks and offer their customers detailed information on items in transit. 

Lowering Costs for Businesses

The rise of digital communication is replacing physical mail with soft versions as companies seek to lower delivery costs and offer more choice in accessing vital information. With many consumers still choosing to receive regular communication by physical mail, Escher is supporting logistics businesses in this period of transition by offering digital mailbox solutions.


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Escher has long since realized its vision of being the number one digital point of service solution provider for postal organizations around the world, where it enjoys a strong and trusted brand identity.

Leading Through Innovation

Over the decades Escher has continually developed innovative technology so that postal organizations can meet the demands and challenges they face, whether they are social, economic, regulatory or brought about by changing consumer behavior.

A Complete Digital Service Platform

Post offices are invariably the front office of choice for governments to interact with citizens due to their nationwide presence and ability to reach out to vast sections of the populace. For the same reason they are also used widely by other businesses, such as banks and retailers, to increase their reach to more remote areas or where they do not have a physical presence.

As a result, Escher’s point of service technology for postal services has led the way because of its ability to carry out, process and record a multitude of transactions seamlessly. 

Changing Customer Needs

The advent of the digital world has meant that postal organizations need to interact with their customers in new ways. Paper documents are being replaced with digital versions and transactions are now more often conducted online than offline. This presents real opportunities for postal services to cut transaction times and waste. However, it also presents challenges as they seek to catch up with the digital age. Escher is working closely with postal businesses to make this happen and has created a complete digital service platform that is more relevant now than ever before. 


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In a time when consumers have more buying choices, retailers are looking for new ways to engage with customers, increase loyalty and grow repeat business.

Consumer engagement initiatives are at the forefront of retailers’ campaigns to retain and win new business. Technology is providing new opportunities to deliver loyalty schemes and marketing initiatives to digitally confident customers. It is also making it easier to gather data on buying habits and redemption rates. By going digital, retailers have access to accurate analytics and can determine the success of campaigns, while allowing future initiatives to become more relevant and targeted.

With mobile technology, customers expect to make acquisitions on the move and at times and places that are most convenient to them. With Escher’s suite of digital transaction solutions for retailers, businesses can now serve their customers in a multitude of ways. In-store countertop POS solutions are combined with self-serve, web and mobile options, while automated front and back-end software manages transactions, stock levels and cash balancing.


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