Prioritizing Cross-Border E-Commerce

What challenges do postal operators face with cross-border e-commerce?  How do postal operators plan to deal with the increase in e-commerce activity?

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Prioritizing Cross-border E-Commerce

Cross-border E-commerce


Results from Escher’s Future of Posts survey indicate that cross-border e-commerce will be a priority for postal operators over the coming months and years. Of the 129 respondents from 52 postal operators around the world who participated in the study, 87% plan to introduce strategies to deal with the increased international parcel volumes.

The top three challenges Posts assert they have with cross-border e-commerce are 1) real-time tax and duty calculation and cost transparency (both considered equally important), 2) transit times, 3) documentation difficulties

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The main obstacles Posts need to overcome with cross-border e-commerce

tax and duty calculation

1.Real-time Tax & Duty Calculation

1.Cost Transparency

Shelf management

2.Transit Times

documentation difficulties

4.Documentation difficulties


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