About us

Founded in 1989, Escher Group is a world-leading provider of point of service software. With offices in five countries across the globe, we work with customers in over 35 countries. Our core software, Riposte®, together with its wider Transaction Management Platform, can be used in the postal, retail, logistics and financial industries to enable enterprises to expand their offerings and provide new services.

The Riposte® platform can also operate at significant scale and solve the complex problems for enterprises and central and local governments as they eliminate paper and transition to fully digital processes in their commercial interactions. As a digital transaction management platform, it ensures the same transaction experience on a desktop, enterprise mobile device, consumer mobile device, the web, through a third-party agent, or as a cloud-based managed service deployment.

Escher Group is part of Escher Group Holdings plc which trades on the London Stock Exchange.

Approach To Innovation

As a technology leader, Escher Group has a history of developing innovative solutions that provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage that, in the highly competitive market where they operate, represents their biggest asset to achieve customer satisfaction and long-term success.

Every year, almost 20% of turnover is spent focusing on the innovation of our product base and the same attention is given to the hiring of an innovative and inspired workforce, whose role is to boost the corporate appetite for product modernization and originality.

A History of Firsts

We are the creators of one of the first two peer-to-peer systems designed for large volume of transactions or messages exchange; the other being Napster- 1989.

“Peer-to-Peer Computing -
Technologies for Sharing and
Collaborating on the Net”

David Barkay
ISBN: 9780970284679

An Post - Escher Group’s first customer, has, with the help of our innovative products been provided with two titles:

  • Best Performing
    Semi-State Enterprise
  • 3rd Most Reputable
    Indigenous Enterprise


Escher was the first company to promote an omni-channel solution for an interactive retail experience.

Escher was awarded the Computerworld Smithsonian Honors Award for Innovative Use of Technology for the Government.



Escher was the first company to provide a digital facility for collaborative government. We developed and facilitated the first 24-hour post office in Portugal.



Our business applications were one of the first to be run on a windows server which was demonstrated by Bill Gates on the An Post Counter Automation system. Bill Gates refers to this in his book.

“Business @ the Speed of Thought” – ISBN: 978-0446525688.

"The Irish government, using An Post, the Irish postal service, has done this best. An Post kiosks process bill payments, issue passports, issue licenses for vehicles, pay benefits, offer savings and investment plans—even sell stamps. Each kiosk is a tiny city hall, covering the work of half a dozen agencies. With many of the 1,000 An Post sites in small towns with fewer than 2,000 residents, the kiosks serve 1.26 million people each week—half the Irish population—and handle more than $9 billion each year. Changing or adding new operations is very easy."